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Eight Injured Following Industrial Estate Explosion And Fire

Emergency Services Continue Work To Tackle Incident


Emergency services have remained on alert following a major industrial fire in Lingfield, with reports revealing that eight workers were injured in the incident.

Eyewitnesses have told media that they heard an explosion come from a factory at the Hobbs industrial estate just before the fire broke out yesterday (October 3rd), although authorities do not yet know what caused the blast.

The exact number of people injured in the incident has also not yet been confirmed.

David Urpeth, national head of workplace injuries at Irwin Mitchell, acts for those who have suffered serious injuries in major industrial accidents. He notably helped 75 workers and residents gain justice following the Killingholme refinery explosion in 2001.

Commenting on the Lingfield fire, he said: “The details of this case are understandably sketchy at present but there is no doubt this is a very serious incident and answers will be desperately needed over how the fire came to occur.

“It is massive concern to hear that workers have been injured in this incident. We have seen the consequences that such incidents can have on those who are injured, with many often left with physical and psychological injuries that they never recover from.

“I hope that the emergency services, the Health and Safety Executive and authorities on the site are able to work quickly to discover the cause of this terrible explosion and subsequent fire – which will undoubtedly raise questions over the safety of the factory at the centre of the blaze.

“Hopefully such work will ensure that answers can be provided and, ultimately, lessons can be learnt which may prevent the same devastating problems from occurring in the future.”