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Nine Injured In Central London Chemical Spill

Three Hospitalised After Incident Close to Buckingham Palace


Police are investigated after nine people suffered injuries in a chemical spill in central London close to Buckingham Palace.

According to reports, three people have been taken to hospital following the incident outside the Grosvenor Thistle Hotel, which apparently involved materials which fell from a lorry.

Six other people were assessed at the scene, where a 25-metre cordon was put in place, for symptoms including sore throats and headaches. It is thought they may have been injured as a result of breathing in the substance, which was believed to be brick acid.

Gary Walker, a group claims specialist at Irwin Mitchell who represents those who have suffered illness in public places, said: “Only the basic details about this incident are so far known, so we hope that officers have been able to work quickly to determine just how the reported chemical spill came to occur.

“Exposure to hazardous materials can often leave victims with both short and long-term respiratory difficulties, and we have acted in a number of cases where people have suffered such problems as a result of safety failings.

“We hope that a full investigation is carried which will indicate how this happen, as well as any lessons can be learned from it. Hopefully this will go some way to ensuring that no one is hurt in a similar manner in the future.”