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Nice Guidelines On Caesarean Section Welcomed By Medical Expert

Hopes That Move Will Improve Birth Procedures In General


A medical law specialist at Irwin Mitchell has backed the new guidance published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) in relation to caesarean sections.

The health authority has stated that any woman who wants the procedure should not be denied the opportunity, but added that it is necessary for everyone going through pregnancy to be offered proper information on the issue and any potential risks.

According to Nice, by improving the level of detail offered to patients and ensuring they are made aware of safety issues will mean people make the decision which is best suited to their needs.

The move has been welcomed by Angela Kirtley, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell’s Newcastle office who specialises in cases related to birth injury and medical negligence.

She said: “It is important news that greater choice is to be given to pregnant women in relation to how they deliver their child.

“Through my work acting for those who have suffered complications during birth, I’ve seen the devastating impact that safety failings or errors during birth can have on families and their children.

“Our hope is that, now and in the future, this increase in the level of choice will ensure improvements are made in the child birth procedure as a whole, which would have the knock-on effect of ensuring higher safety standards in general.”