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Botulism Warning Over Loyd Grossman Korma Sauce Batch

Illness Experts Call For Full Investigation


The Food Standards Agency has issued a warning to consumers following news that two people have fallen ill with botulism after eating from a jar of Loyd Grossman Korma sauce.

According to the organisation, people should not consume 350g jars of the product with a best before date of February 2013 and a batch code of 1218R as a precautionary measure.

Two members of the same family have contracted botulism from one jar meeting the same specification, which is known to have been contaminated with Clostridium botulinum. No other batches of Loyd Grossman products are believed to have been affected by the problems.

Specialists at Irwin Mitchell act for those who have suffered illness both in the UK and abroad as a result of poor food hygiene standards and safety failings in the production in food items.

Suki Chhokar, a Partner and illness expert at the law firm, has called on the company behind the brand to work quickly to determine how these problems came to occur.

He said: “Botulism is an incredibly serious illness which can have a major impact on sufferers, often leaving them with symptoms that continue for a number of months.

“As in so many of the cases we act in, there are clear questions to be answered over how the jar came to be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum and whether further products have been affected by this issue.

“Anyone purchasing a product has put their trust in the manufacturer that what they are buying meets the required safety standards.

“Reassurances are now needed that this problem has been fully investigated and that further consumers will not face the same terrible issues in the future. Lessons simply have to be learned from this as soon as possible.”