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‘Unacceptable Variation’ In Elderly Fall And Fracture Services

Expert Calls For Action Following Healthcare Audit


A clinical negligence expert at Irwin Mitchell has called for changes to be made to ensure the elderly do not suffer due to problems in the NHS’s fall and bone health services.

The Royal College of Physicians has released the first results of its audit into the programme and discovered an “unacceptable variation” in standards across the different organisations, as well as a gap in what bodies say they provide and the actual outcome.

It also found that a number of older patients with fractures are not given key care in relation to fall prevention and bone health, meaning they are at risk of further problems in the future.

Ian Christian, a Partner and specialist in clinical negligence cases at Irwin Mitchell, said it is vital that NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers react in a positive manner to the findings.

He explained: “These findings highlight clearly that standards need to improve when it comes to the quality of care that elderly people who have suffered falls or bone problems receive.

“It also raises the worrying issue that such patients are not receiving the best advice and support when it comes to preventing further problems in the future, which is a massive issue that is putting the safety of vulnerable people at risk.

“We deal with a huge number of cases in which the NHS has failed to prevent avoidable incidents by not giving the appropriate advice and treatment. It is vital that instances like this are reduced as far as possible.

“I hope that quick and thorough action is taken which will ensure that variations in care come to an end and that patients are receiving the best possible service across the board.”