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Tomlinson Inquest Jury Records Unlawful Killing Verdict

CPS To Review Case


An inquest into the death of a newspaper seller who died after being pushed to the ground by a police offer during the G20 protests has recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

Ian Tomlinson died shortly after he was hit by PC Simon Harwood in April 2009, with the jury ruling that “excessive and unreasonable” force was used when he was struck.

After several hours of deliberation, it was also decided that the officer acted both illegally and dangerously.

Following the ruling, both the Crown Prosecution Service and the Met Police have confirmed they are to review evidence related to the case.

Irwin Mitchell represents a number of clients who have been injured of subjected to wrongful police action or excessive force. One of the firm’s cases involved a 34-year-old Leeds man who was shot twice with a taser after he fell asleep on the top deck of a bus.

Ifti Manzoor, who specialises in police claims for Irwin Mitchell, said the verdict raises major concerns.

He explained: “Police officers face a great responsibility when it comes to the safety of the public and for the most part they meet their duties.

“However, that is what makes cases like that of Ian Tomlinson so concerning and it is vital that action is taken to not only provide answers to the family, but to also provide reassurances that this terrible incident will not be repeated.

“There are limits to the amount of force officers can use and it is vital that every effort is taken to ensure lessons can be learnt from this which will prevent further problems in the future.”