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Legionella Traces Found In Train Water Tanks

Authorities Urged To React Following Findings


An illness expert at Irwin Mitchell has called on authorities to work quickly to ensure there is a strong reaction to the discovery of legionella bacteria in the water tanks of two trains.

The bacteria was found in ScotRail trains following a series of tests held by operators across the UK.

News of the discovery has come after several cases of Legionnaires’ disease, which is caused by the legionella bacteria, were confirmed in Scotland. It is believed that none of those instances are linked to trains.

ScotRail has already revealed that work is now underway to disinfect all water tanks on its trains.

Experts at Irwin Mitchell provide advice and support to those who have suffered illness both in the UK and abroad, with many cases related to the devastating impact of Legionnaires’ disease.

Elaine Russell, a Partner and specialist at the firm’s Glasgow office, said: “It is welcome that ScotRail have reacted quickly to the presence of the bacteria, but I hope this encourages all companies to ensure they are maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards.

“While no cases of Legionnaires’ have been linked to these findings, it must be emphasised that the illness can often prove very serious and even fatal.

“The most concerning aspect with many of the cases we deal with is that they often could have been prevented. Steps need to be taken to ensure that health and hygiene systems are not only implemented but clearly followed by all organisations.”