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Launch Of Lyric Welcomed By Hearing Injury Specialist

New Hearing Aid Developed


A specialist at Irwin Mitchell has said the development of a new in-ear hearing aid is likely to be welcomed by many people who suffer from temporary or permanent deafness.

The Lyric can be controlled using a magnetic volume adjustment system and is designed to be placed just millimetres from the ear drum.

Unlike traditional aids, the new system can be worn during activities including showering and exercise, as well as in bed. Users need to visit their specialist every few months to have it replaced, as it does not take batteries.

Mark Allen, associate director and industrial deafness specialist at Irwin Mitchell, represents a number of people who have suffered hearing problems as a result of their employers failing to acknowledge the necessary safety measures or not providing the right equipment.

The expert has welcomed reports on the Lyric, suggesting a huge number of people are likely to benefit.

“Hearing problems caused by exposure to noise at work affect a huge number of people across the UK and abroad, but it has to be acknowledged that it is hard for many to come to terms with the fact their hearing has been damaged as result of their employers’ negligence,” he explained.

“In my experience, those who suffer deafness due to noise exposure at work are often reticent to make use of hearing aids and similar equipment purely for cosmetic reasons.

“However, the Lyric could be a vital step towards ensuring that all sufferers of hearing problems are encouraged to make use of aids that could provide them with much-needed support.”