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Land Rover Fined Over Vibration Injury Failings

Expert Calls For Better Training And Guidance


A workplace injury expert at Irwin Mitchell has welcomed the decision to fine Land Rover after it failed to protect workers from the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

The vehicle manufacturer was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay costs after an investigation in 2007 revealed that the firm failed to address the potential dangers of vibrating hand tools at its plant in Solihull.

It specifically highlighted that workers were using air chisels for three hours per day rather than the recommended one hour.

Two cases of HAVS were reported at the site in 2006 and a total of ten employees were thought to be affected by ill health related to the use of vibrating hand tools.

Irwin Mitchell’s disease claims team represent a number of people who have suffered serious or been forced to leave work after suffering from problems such as HAVS.

Mark Allen, the national head of the team, said: “Vibration injuries like HAVS can have a significant impact on many people, causing them to suffer debilitating symptoms which can change their life completely.

“The fine handed to Land Rover demonstrates that a failure to adhere to safety regulations around the use of vibrating tools will not go unnoticed, as it is vital that all workers get the protection they need to carry out their jobs safe from harm.

“I hope that lessons can be learnt from this case which will ensure workers are given the best possible training, information and protection from the potential risk of HAVS and other vibration injuries.”