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Family Law Review Calls Backed By Expert

Doubts Raised Over Suitability Of Current Legislation


Calls from a High Court judge for the government to organise a review into regulations in family law have been welcomed by an expert at Irwin Mitchell.

Sir Paul Coleridge said the current regulations in place in relation to relationship breakdown and other separation issues are unsuitable and should be reconsidered in order to be more suitable for modern family life.

He outlined how changes in society, such as the rise in cohabitation outside of marriage, mean that the need for transformation is vital.

Peter Morris, a Partner and family law specialist at Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office who specialises in helping those going through the separation process, said the views would be welcomed by those with an interest in the area.

He outlined: “Any lawyer practising in the area of family law will endorse the views of Sir Paul Coleridge and recognise the need for review and reform of our family legislation.

“It is wrong in principle that the family justice system relies on the courts to interpret outdated laws to keep pace with changes to society which mean the needs of many people have fundamentally changed.

“Reform to the law affecting cohabiting couples is particularly vital, but there are other areas worthy consideration. For instance, there’s a very strong argument that our ‘fault-based’ system of divorce is in need of substantial reform.”