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Couple Struck Down By Illness On Mexico Honeymoon

Suffering Continues Even After Return To UK


A couple from Essex have contacted travel claims experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell after their honeymoon in Mexico was ruined by illness.

Robert William Parker and Theresa Maria Parker-Isles stayed at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico in May 2010. After just two days at the hotel they were both struck down by sickness which left them confined to their rooms and on three different types of medication.

The couple reported being served cold, undercooked food, with Theresa stating that the standard of food was “frightening”.

Theresa explained: “Just like every newly married couple we couldn’t wait to go on our honeymoon and spend some quality time together, but as soon as we got to the hotel we just wanted to leave. The standard of the food was frightening - fish was served partially raw, the same food was often served up day after day and there were birds flying around the restaurant.

“When we both got so ill we had to visit the resort doctor, I just couldn’t believe that what was supposed to be the happiest time of our lives - relaxing and enjoying the sunshine – was instead spent confined to our hotel room taking medication.”

Even after returning home, the couple suffered symptoms of gastric illness for weeks.

Theresa adds: “It was a nightmare experience from start to finish and is the worst holiday we’d ever been on. As it was our honeymoon, it was especially heartbreaking to have been confronted with such appalling conditions and for both of us to have  fallen so ill.

“We deserve answers from First Choice and want to know why they saw fit to send us to this hotel which totally ruined our holiday and such a special occasion for us.”

Amandeep Dhillon of Irwin Mitchell’s travel law team is representing the couple. He urged First Choice to take action to determine the cause of the couple’s illness and award them fair compensation for their suffering.

He said: “For standards of food and general conditions at a resort to be so appalling that guests are fearful of eating food is totally unacceptable. Tour operators have a responsibility to make sure their clients go to hotels that are safe and that no holidaymaker’s health is put at risk. 

“In Theresa and Robert’s case, to have spent the majority of your honeymoon confined to your room because of poor health and safety standards at a hotel is inexcusable. Sadly, Theresa and Robert’s honeymoon was ruined, but First Choice owes them an apology, an explanation and fair compensation.

“It is deeply frustrating to see that First Choice, who should be well aware of the risks to long-term health that outbreaks of illness like this present, appear to have failed to take sufficient action to ensure the health of their customers is safeguarded.”