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BMJ Raises Concerns Over Quality Of Medical Implants

Expert Backs Calls For Better Assessment Of Hip Replacement Products


Concerns raised over the quality of medical implants including hip replacements used by the NHS in a number of procedures cannot be ignored, an injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell has demanded.

According to the British Medical Journal, all devices used as implants by the NHS should be assessed through more stringent safety guidelines before being brought into use.

It has also been suggested that substandard products such as prostheses need to be surgically replaced more regularly than usual, causing pain and discomfort to patients and increasing costs for healthcare providers.

The issue is in the spotlight as it is set to be the subject of a Dispatches programme on Channel 4.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist product liability team has been approached by large numbers of patients who have required revision surgery after their hip implants have failed after having replacement and resurfacement hip surgery both privately and on the NHS.

The law firm has also seen a concerning rise in the number of hip replacement failures across recent years.

Gary Walker, head of the specialist team at Irwin Mitchell which deals with metal on metal hip implants, said: “Worries over metal on metal hip implants are simply not going away, particularly since the manufacturer De Puy issued a recall over some of its own implants. We have also been approached by patients who have received other types of metal on metal implants, which have also failed as a result of adverse metal reaction.

“We have concerns that implants are simply not assessed stringently enough before being marketed. It has taken a number of years for the problems with metal on metal hips to become apparent and in the meantime, thousands of patients have suffered from adverse metal reactions which have seriously compromised their quality of life.

“Hip replacement and other implant-based procedures are designed to improve the quality of life of each patient – it is essential that lessons are learned from the problems which we have seen with metal on metal implants.”

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