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Armed Forces Vehicle Shortage ‘Cannot Be Allowed To Happen’

'Action Vital' Following NAO Audit


An expert at Irwin Mitchell has demanded that concerns raised over armed forces personnel being under-equipped over the next 15 years are addressed by the government immediately.

The National Audit Office (NAO) has released a report which suggests that those serving the country are likely to face a major shortage in armoured vehicles until 2024-25 at least.

According to the publication, the process for acquiring vehicles has been impacted by over-ambitious requirements and a lack of stable financial planning.

It added that, while Urgent Operational Requirements have been used since 2003 to address shortfalls, it is not a sustainable replacement for a standard process of acquisition.

Andrew Buckham at Irwin Mitchell, who specialises in helping injured members of the Armed Forces, said the report’s contents are a major concern.

The armed forces injury specialist explained: “Anyone who serves their country deserves to be given the best and most effective equipment in order to help them carry out their role in a safe and efficient manner.

“Like any employer, the MoD has a duty of care to all members of the military and this includes providing the right equipment and vehicles."

“The worrying shortfall outlined in the NAO report cannot be allowed to happen and I hope the findings will be considered very carefully and the MoD ensures all armed forces personnel get the vital tools and support they need as soon as possible.”