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Tribunal Claims Figures ‘Highlight Reasons For Consultation’

Research Reveals Rise In Claims


The record number of Employment Tribunal claims made across 2009-10 demonstrates why there is a keenness to reassess current regulations in the area, an expert at Irwin Mitchell has suggested.

New figures included in the annual report from the Senior President of Tribunals Lord Justice Carnwath revealed that 236,100 claims were lodged over the period, which was a 56 per cent rise from 12 months earlier.

The Lawyer reports that it is also thought that a similar rise in Tribunal claims has been seen in the first few months of the 2010-11 period.

Glenn Hayes, an employment law expert at Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office, said the figures demonstrated why the Government has chosen to launch a consultation into reviewing the current range of legislation in the area as the Tribunal system is currently creaking at the edges with the sheer volume of claims.

He explained: “Such findings are a major concern and undoubtedly a major reason why new proposals have been put forward to encourage pre-claim conciliation and the extension of jurisdictions where judges can sit alone, and the possible introduction of  a fee amongst other ideas.

“All of these proposals have been put forward with a view to reducing this large number of cases and ensure disputes can be dealt with in a timely manner, while also cutting the amount of so-called ‘spurious’ claims being brought against companies as a whole.

“However, it seems that, in the short to medium term at least, there is little to suggest that the large number of claims will fall.”