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Road Collisions Expert Backs Cycle Safety Initiatives

Campaigns Focus On Encouraging Helmet Use


Two new cycle safety initiatives launched in the UK which are designed to cut the number of head injuries suffered in road traffic collisions have been welcomed by an expert at Irwin Mitchell.

The past month has seen the Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust kick off two campaigns based around showing young cyclists how helmets play a vital role in keeping them protected from serious harm.

Youngsters aged between six and eight are targeted through the HeadFirst scheme, while the HeadSmart campaign is focused on raising awareness of the serious injuries that can be caused among nine to eleven year olds.

Stephen Nye, a child head injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office, regularly provides advice and support to the loved ones of children who have suffered serious brain injuries or fatal injuries in road traffic collisions.

Commenting on news of the launch of the campaigns, he said: “So many of the cases we deal with put the issue of road safety into the spotlight and highlight the devastation that collisions have on so many families when their children are involved.

“Providing the right equipment to youngsters who enjoy cycling, as well as encouraging them to use it, can make a significant difference if the child has the misfortune to be involved in a collision or fall.

“The wearing of appropriate safety helmets is part and parcel of a child’s education in respect of road safety. The more children are taught about the dangers of the road and how to avoid them , hopefully the fewer collisions and serious injuries there will be in the future. Any initiative which promotes the wearing of safety helmets is very welcome.”