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Pre-Nup Enquiries Up After ‘Year Of Divorce’

Leeds Expert Outlines Latest Trends


A leading Leeds family lawyer says there has been a significant rise in pre-nuptial agreement enquiries due to the increased media attention in high profile celebrity divorces and recent pre-nup test cases.

Helen Jacobs, Associate in the Family law team at Irwin Mitchell in Leeds, says the firm has seen a rise in enquiries over the past 12 months with 10 per cent of Family Law enquiries now concerning pre-nuptial agreements.

Jacobs said: “Last year there was an increasing number of celebrity divorces. This combined with media interest in pre-nuptial agreements has generated a significant rise in the number of enquiries.

“High profile divorces involving celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Tiger Woods highlight to the general public the importance of protecting your assets as far as this is possible.  More and more people are recognising however that pre-nuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous but can benefit those who wish to ring fence say pre-owned family wealth or inheritance monies that are due to them.

“The feedback we are receiving is that with almost 1 in every 2 marriages sadly failing today, pre-nuptial agreements are viewed as a worthwhile exercise in minimizing the cost and emotional upset of a possible future divorce. 

“For some couples pre-nuptial agreements are just a part of the marriage process, particularly if people are already divorced or have children from previous relationships that they wish to protect financially.”

The Law Commission is currently holding a consultation on the future of pre-nuptial agreements and whether there should be a change in the law to make them binding.

As part of this consultation they are asking the public’s views on whether pre-nups should be binding and asking for comments on the matter to be submitted. If the law is changed it will impact on all couples preparing to tie the knot.