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Olympic Star’s Brain Injury Brings Problem Into Focus

Expert Comments On Life-Changing Impact


The brain injury suffered by Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell after a cycling accident has highlighted the devastating impact that such problems can have on sufferers.

Best known for his rowing achievements, Cracknell was taking part in an endurance race in the US last year when he was hit by the wing mirror of a truck and suffered a broken skull and bleeding around the brain.

In recent interviews, the athlete has shed light on his experiences since the incident and revealed he is not allowed to drive and can only complete simple tasks over a long period of time.

He has also discussed the major impact that this serious head injury has had on his family life, confirming that he cannot be left alone with his children due to the risks posed by his forgetfulness since the crash.

Irwin Mitchell represents a number of victims who have been serious injured in road collisions, as well as the families of those that need access to rehabilitation services as a result of the injuries they have suffered.

Lauren Hurney, a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell’s London office who specialises in head injury claims, said: “As James’s comments highlight, brain injuries can have a life-changing impact on even the healthiest of people who sadly suffer them.

“We have seen first-hand how the changes caused by such injuries, such as the need for once-independent people to have around-the-clock care, can impact on the dynamic of relationships with families and loved ones.

“It is vital that victims and their loved ones have access to the vital rehabilitation and support services they need to ensure they are able to live their lives to the full despite the difficulties caused by such serious injuries.”