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Lawyer Secures Justice For Cancer Victim’s Family Thanks To Bolton News Readers

Family Express ‘Heartfelt Gratitude’ To Witnesses Found Through Paper Appeal


An industrial disease expert has secured justice for a woman killed by asbestos related cancer with the help of Bolton News readers who came forward with vital evidence crucial to the case. 

Edna White, from Little Lever, died age 68 in May 2008, just months after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer caused by deadly asbestos dust for which there is no known cure. She left behind two children and four grandchildren.

Her daughter, Jill Blake, 45, vowed to continue her mother’s battle for justice, determined to find out more about her exposure to asbestos during her employment at Little Lever based firm Lorival Plastics. 

And now, after securing a five-figure sum on behalf of the family, industrial illness expert at Irwin Mitchell in Manchester Anthony Barlow has spoken out on their behalf.

He said: “Edna worked at Lorival Plastics Limited as a time and motion monitor between 1967 and 1969.  When her family first approached us for help we had no first hand information about Edna’s work history or working conditions at Lorival Plastics.

“But following a witness appeal in the Bolton News we were contacted by several people including one star witness who remembered working alongside Edna which proved invaluable to the progression of the case.

“Edna’s family would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to the witnesses who helped them secure justice for her.  Although nothing can make up for their tragic loss, they now have the closure they need to move on and rebuild their lives.”

He added: “Thousands of people are dying from mesothelioma every year – the result of negligence many years ago by their employers even though the dangers of asbestos were known from at least the early part of the last century.

“It’s unacceptable that anyone should be left with a fatal illness because their health was not protected at work – and we will fight for justice for each and every one of our clients who are the victims of this dreadful disease.”