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Industrial Disease Verdict In Asbestos Victim’s Inquest

Coroner Rules Over Welder's Death


A retired welder from Derbyshire died of industrial disease caused by his time working closely to asbestos fibres, an inquest has ruled.

South Derbyshire Coroner’s Court heard that Michael Hudson, who was diagnosed with mesothelioma in October and died months later, had a clear link to being regularly exposed to the deadly material during his working life.

According to the Derby Telegraph, the welder recalled in a statement prior to his death that his role at International Combustion in the 1960s regularly saw him work in power stations where asbestos could be seen blowing in the air.

Irwin Mitchell has represented the loved ones of a number of people exposed to asbestos fibres during work for the Derby company.

Adrian Budgen, an asbestos-related disease specialist at the law firm’s Sheffield office, said: “We have provided legal advice and support to a significant number of people who worked for International Combustion – either at its Sinfin Lane plant in Derby or in various power stations throughout the East Midlands – and who were not provided with any adequate protection or given any health and safety training.

“By simply breathing the air at work, very sadly, many former ICL workers are now paying the ultimate price.

“Cases like this, in which the deceased once recalled he could even taste the fibres, highlight why asbestos is widely regarded as the biggest occupational killer of all time.

“It is horrifying that workers were ever put in such close contact with the material without the equipment now viewed as a vital part of protecting people from risks including contracting mesothelioma.

“Hopefully cases like this will highlight to current businesses just why asbestos exposure and compliance to relevant safety guidelines are treated so seriously.”

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