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Dairy Crest Launches Frijj Product Recall

Concerns Over Possible Contamination


A product recall has been launched by drinks manufacturer Dairy Crest in relation to its Frijj milkshake brand.

The company is calling on consumers to return 500ml Strawberry Frijj products with a use-by date of April 5th 2011, after it was discovered that a low level of listeria monocytogenes could be present.

Concerns have been raised as the bacteria is known to be the cause of the listeriosis infection.

Dairy Crest has stated that consumers have bought the product should not drink it and instead contact the company for a refund.

Gary Walker of Irwin Mitchell’s specialist group actions team, which has provided advice to a number of people who have suffered illness following the consumption of contaminated foods, said it was vital that consumers take note of the guidance.

He explained: “While we welcome the company’s efforts to minimise the impact of this scare, it is vital that serious steps are taken to ensure the public are protected from any further issues.

“We have represented a number of people who have fallen ill after eating or drinking contaminated products and have seen just how serious the health impact can be in people of all ages.

“Ultimately, we hope that lessons can be learnt which will prevent further problems like this from occurring in the future.”