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Brave Carpenter Takes Battle For Justice To High Court

Middlesex Man Looks To Rebuild Life After Devastating Fall From Height


A Middlesex carpenter whose career in the construction industry was ruined after his employer failed to protect him from a fall from height is taking his battle for justice to the High Court in order to receive the support he needs to rebuild his life.

Noel Doyle, from South Greenford, was just 28 when a temporary platform he was working on at a construction site in Vauxhall, London in February 2009 lifted to one side and sent him plummeting ten metres to the ground. The incident left him with multiple injuries which, two years on, he is still struggling to recover from.

Now leading national law firm Irwin Mitchell are taking his employer at the time, John Reddington Limited, to the High Court in an effort to ensure Noel can secure the vital funds he needs to live life to the full despite his ongoing problems after his former employer admitted they could have done more to prevent his injuries.

Sarah Griggs, an associate solicitor at Irwin Mitchell’s London office who is representing Noel, says: “It has taken us 18 months to get the employer to admit liability over this serious incident, but we have chosen to issue court proceedings as the firm seemingly refuses to recognise the life-changing impact his incident has had on Noel.

“He was seven years into his career in the construction sector when he was injured and can never return to the trade again. It is vital he receives the support he needs to be able to look forward to a brighter future.”

Noel Doyle was working for John Reddington Limited as an NVQ-qualified shuttering carpenter at the St George’s construction site in London, SW8 when the incident occurred.

He explains: “I had been involved in manual labour for a few years and really enjoyed being in a well-paid, skilled role that was key to the construction trade – it was an area that I thought I would be working in for a long time, particularly as I had excellent contacts in the trade.”

Sadly, his hopes for a long career were brought to an abrupt halt while he was helping to install a temporary working platform on the sixth floor of the site on February 10th 2009.

“The platform was supported by four chains to the tower crane, but it was my job to ensure it was fully secure by inserting a pin into a girder,” Noel outlines. “Unfortunately I don’t remember too much about what happened next.”

Sadly, disaster struck when the platform was pulled from under him by the crane after a communication breakdown between the driver and banksman, sending him hurtling to the ground.

He was then rushed to hospital with multiple serious injuries including massive internal haemorrhaging, a fractured pelvis, multiple rib fractures, abdominal injuries to the liver and right kidney, a burst fracture of vertebrae and a complex fracture of the right elbow.

While several of the fractures were fixed using both external and internal screw fixation, the pelvic fracture could only be treated in hospital by way of six weeks of bed rest.

“The medical team working on me did a great job, but lying in bed for over a month was an incredibly frustrating culture shock after regularly being so active,” Noel recalls.

“I’ve had further surgery to remove metalwork from my elbow, but I still have limited function in my right hand and have been told outright that I can never return to work in the construction industry.”

Despite the devastating news, Noel is continuing in his battle to move on in his life. However, his efforts to start a new chapter with a part-time degree in History through a University of London distance learning course have been put on hold as doctors continue to investigate the loss of grip he has suffered in his right hand since surgery to remove metalwork from his elbow.

Noel adds: “All I want to do is put this behind me and it’s very disappointing that my employer only decided to admit liability in August last year. I just want to move on in my life and do my best to get back into some kind of work.”

Serious injury specialist Sarah Griggs says: “The devastating injuries sustained by Noel in the fall have completely changed the course of his life, which means it is vital he gets the care and support he needs to get back on his feet and essentially start over again.

“While John Reddington Limited has been willing to admit liability, we are working hard to ensure that Noel is can access the funds that will help him on his journey.

“We also hope that lessons can be learnt from his terrible story and that it leads to improvements in safety standards that will ensure no one else suffers in the same manner in the future.”