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Youngster Needs Stitches After Suffering Dog Bite

Girl Injured In Staffordshire Bull Terrier Attack


A dog bites expert at Irwin Mitchell has revealed her concerns after it was revealed that a ten-year-old girl in Bolton was left needing stitches in her leg following an attack involving a Staffordshire bull terrier.

According to the Bolton News, Jessica Neal from Tonge Moor was riding home from a local park on her bicycle when the animal attacked her and took a chunk out of her left leg.

She was treated at Royal Bolton Hospital following the incident and will be left with three scars due to the dog bite. Police have spoken to the dog’s owner and have asked him to speak to the RSPCA over whether the animal should be put down.

Katrina Elsey, an animal bite claims specialist at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office, said the case demonstrated the terrible consequences that dog attacks can have on victims.

She explained: “We have seen on a number of occasions how traumatic incidents like this can be on people of all ages, but the impact is often significantly more serious when young children are involved.

“It is a sad truth that attacks like this are not uncommon and we have repeatedly called for a change in the law which would provide a better level of protection to the public.

“This could take the form of reintroducing dog licences and compulsory insurance for dogs, as these would particularly be useful in ensuring pets in the UK can be both properly identified and registered.

“In turn, this would help victims of dog attacks as they look to seek justice over the injuries – psychological and emotional – that they have suffered as a result of the incidents.”