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Report Calls For Police Strategy On Disabled Abuse

Mencap Raises Concerns Over Reporting Of Incidents


A legal expert has called on police forces across England and Wales to improve their reporting of harassment and anti-social behaviour against disabled people, following a critical new report.

According to the publication from Mencap, incidents of abuse against disabled people are under-reported, with conclusions drawn that forces lacked a proper strategy with which to address such problems.

The release of the study has come weeks after the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) suggested that officers failed to identify opportunities when they could have helped in the case of Fiona Pilkington.

A lack of action by police on a string of incidents led Mrs Pilkington to take both her life and that of her disabled daughter, Francecca Hardwick.

Commenting on the new findings, Ifti Manzoor, who specialises in actions against the police at Irwin Mitchell, said: “While many police officers work to the highest standards in some incredibly difficult situations, we do unfortunately see instances when their efforts do not meet the expected level.

“Considering the recent IPCC investigation and this study, the issue of responding to cases related to the abuse and harassment of disabled people appears to be one which needs special attention at present.

“Lessons need to be learnt from on this if standards are to improve, and I particularly hope to see forces develop and adopt a strategy which ensures every effort is made to ensure vulnerable members of society are getting the right level of support from their local police force.”