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Police Criticised Over Handling Of Violent Patient Case

Concerns Raised Over Case During Inquest


An inquest has raised concerns over a failure by the police to implement a strategy to deal with a violent patient at a Nottinghamshire hospital.

It has been revealed that a narrative verdict was recorded into the case of Victor Massey, 54, who died after being restrained by police following an incident in which he locked himself in a shower and threatened officers.

A jury also stated that the use of CS spray on the patient at King’s Mill Hospital was inappropriate, while concerns were raised over a lack of training and proper communication between police and hospital staff over the situation.

Commenting on the case, Ifti Manzoor, a police claims specialist at Irwin Mitchell, said lessons need to be learnt from it.

“The inquest and an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation have raised concerns over the treatment of the patient involved in this incident, and it is vital that efforts are made to ensure such problems do not occur again,” he explained.

“Police officers undoubtedly work in high-pressure situations, but they have a duty to always undertake their responsibilities in the correct, best possible manner.

“Reports have suggested that the NHS Trust and police force involved are considering the results of investigations into the case. I hope that this work leads to a clear improvement in a range of areas, including training and strategic planning.”