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Macclesfield Man Urges Employers To Keep Workers Safe After Life Changing Fall

Six Figure Settlement Secured To Help Man Rebuild His Life


A 37-year-old Macclesfield man who plummeted 10ft from a ladder causing his wrists to 'shatter like glass' leaving him permanently disabled has secured a six figure settlement to help him move on and rebuild his life.

Following his life changing fall whilst he was doing some preparation for plasterwork in his employment at a Macclesfield car garage, Paul turned to serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell's Manchester office for help.

Now, he has access to the care and rehabilitation he needs after his lawyer agreed a substantial six figure settlement to provide security for his future.

Sabrina McCarron, workplace accident solicitor at Irwin Mitchell who successfully represented Paul, said she is delighted he can now begin to move on and rebuild his life.

Sabrina said: “This has been an extremely distressing experience for Paul and his family. Immediately after his accident, he lost a huge amount of his independence and had to move back home with his parents as he had suffered serious fractures to both his wrists.

“The extent of his injuries meant Paul couldn’t do simple everyday tasks around his home – he was unable to drive a car or ride a motorbike, or even walk his dog. Unfortunately Paul has been unable to return to his trade as a joiner which he really enjoyed.”

Sabrina continues: “Far too often, people are injured each year through no fault of their own while carrying out their normal duties at work. Many of these cases could have been avoided if businesses had followed simple health and safety procedures and undertaken the required risk assessments. More must be done to protect workers and make sure companies comply with statutory regulations.

“Although no amount of money can make up for Paul’s horrific experience, I’m thrilled that his case has now settled and that he can now move on and rebuild his life and focus on his future.”

After his accident in April 2009, Paul had to endure a number of painful operations to fuse both of his wrists that had been severely fractured.  He also had to endure frustrating physiotherapy sessions.

Commenting on his ordeal, Paul said: “I’m determined not to let my injury get the better of me, and have plans to study music at college as I can’t ever return to manual work as a joiner, I just don’t have the strength or mobility in my wrists as a result of my accident.

“Plus it’s impossible to go out and ride motorbikes now, which I used to love. I’ve just had to cut that hobby out of my life. 

“Although I’m positive about the future and have other options thanks to Irwin Mitchell, I have to be realistic. I might have to take time off any job I end up doing in the future if I need further surgery or rehabilitation.

“I hope that as a result of what happened to me, employers will do everything they can to prevent their workers from getting injured by providing people with the correct work equipment to complete jobs, especially when asked to work at height.”

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