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Irwin Mitchell Partners With Guardian Wealth Management To Offer Direct Access To Legal Services

Financial Advice Group Joins Forces With Law Firm


Law firm Irwin Mitchell this week launched its partnership with International financial advice group Guardian Wealth Management (GWM) to offer a range of legal services to new and existing clients.

The new service - Guardian Wealth Management Legal Services - will extend GWM’s tailor-made wealth management advice by offering clients access to a range of legal services provided by the leading UK and international law firm.

Irwin Mitchell has offices across the UK and Spain and a network of legal services able to offer advice and guidance to expats wherever they are based.

GWM, which provides financial advice in the UK, Middle East and Europe and is expanding into the Far East, is determined to provide its clients with access to a comprehensive range of services that make the firm the first point of contact for expats on all matters financial services related.  

The service will give clients easy access to the law firm for expert advice including matters of Family Law, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Will Writing, Taxation Services, Trust Services, Probate and Estate Administration, Conveyancing, Corporate Law, Employment Law and a general legal advice helpline.

The announcement of the partnership with Irwin Mitchell was made at the GWM annual conference in Nice, France.

Gillian Coverley, partner at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Irwin Mitchell is very proud and excited to be entering into partnership with Guardian Wealth Management and to be offering a wide range of expert legal advice to their established international clientele.

“The combined portfolio of services our two companies can offer is substantial and our expertise means that we can quickly understand the needs of clients in order provide advice and solutions that are tailored to individual circumstances.”

The group’s Commercial Director Ian Sweet said: “Guardian is about delivering the best for our clients both in terms of quality and range of services. Financial planning will often involve legal issues and it adds value to our proposition to enable our clients to have direct access to the expert legal advice offered by Irwin Mitchell.
“This partnership shows we are determined to deliver a one-stop-shop service for expats wherever they may be resident.”  

Sweet added: “Guardian Wealth Management Legal Services is part of the raft of new client-focused services which we are introducing. We have already announced our partnership with Bupa and we expect to make another announcement in the near future.”

Guardian Wealth Management Legal Services went live from 6th July 2011 and details are available on the firm’s website. It will offer clients the ability to obtain legal advice over the phone on a pay-as-you-go basis, or to arrange an appointment with one of Irwin Mitchell’s legal team.