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Industrial Disease Expert Welcomes New Asthma Treatment

Specialist Welcomes Bronchial Thermoplasty Technique


A new technique being used to treat asthma patients has been welcomed by a workplace illness specialist at Irwin Mitchell.

Reports have revealed that a new process called bronchial thermoplasty is being used by medical experts in Manchester and Glasgow to tackle some of the muscle tissue which constricts and makes breathing difficult during asthma attacks.

The treatment, which sees a wire probe placed into the lungs to heat and destroy the tissue, has previously been trialled in other countries.

Mark Allen, an expert in industrial disease at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office, has said the move could provide benefits to a number of people.

He explained: “So many of the cases of occupational asthma we deal with involve workers who have developed breathing problems as a result of their employers failing to provide adequate protection or training on the issue.

“The issues can have a huge impact on sufferers, as they are often forced to leave jobs they love and also need regular medical attention to treat the problems.

“News of this bronchial thermoplasty treatment is likely to be encouraging to so many of the people we help in battles for justice and we hope that the trials into its use prove successful.

“However, the development of effective new treatment should not become a reason for employers to ignore their duty to protect workers from the threat of industrial diseases like occupational asthma in the first instance.”