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Dental Negligence Concerns Raised Over Hospital Stays

Specialist Comments On New Oral Health Research


New global research which has raised concerns over oral health in hospitals cannot be ignored, a dental negligence specialist at Irwin Mitchell has urged.

The study, expected to be published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology next month, considered data from the UK, US, France and Netherlands and found that oral health tends to deteriorate during stays at hospitals and this may lead to an increased risk of infection during stays.

According to the report, a decline in oral health could be linked to the issue being designated as a low priority, as well as the use of improper dental care regimes.

Medical law specialists at Irwin Mitchell represent people who have suffered serious illness and injury during care, including the victims of serious safety failings in dental and oral care.

Jennifer Emerson, an expert at the firm’s Birmingham office who specialises in the area, said clear lessons need to be learnt from the study.

She explained: “The impact of dental negligence is often something which is underestimate and misunderstood, but we have seen just how people can suffer serious health problems as a result of their oral health needs not being met.

“This research suggests that hospitals in the UK need to seriously consider the dental care provided to patients suffering from a range of conditions, with a view to ensuring that they do not suffer oral health issues while battling other serious problems.

“Guidance on this topic already exists, so I hope health authorities are able to assess the current regulations and ensure they are fully aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the oral needs of their patients.”

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