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Couple’s Dream Cruise Ruined By Illness

Illness Onboard Island Escape Cruise


A Staffordshire woman who is still suffering with illness months on from a cruise holiday has explained how her ‘dream holiday quickly turned into a nightmare’.

Cynthia Diamond and husband David took a seven day cruise with Thomson on the Island Escape in February 2011. Just four days into the trip, Cynthia was taken ill with severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and sickness.

The Diamonds have now contacted travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell for help. The firm has already represented almost 200 passengers who have taken holidays on the ship.

Talking about her experiences on the cruise, Cynthia said: “Air conditioning was poor and hardly worked, the cutlery and cups in the restaurant were chipped and one of the restaurants was like a truck stop café. Tablecloths were badly worn and it looked like a child did the tiling in the bathroom.”

Cynthia’s symptoms continue to this day. “We had hoped for a dream cruise but it quickly turned into a nightmare,” she said, adding, “I still suffer with stomach cramps, diarrhoea and sickness and although I did have a stool sample taken during the trip, I was never given the result.

“The holiday was just horrendous, once I fell ill nobody tried to help me and the smell around the ship was awful. I am very disappointed in the way the tour operator treated me and they did not even reply to my letter.”

Elizabeth Tetzner, an expert in holiday illness claims at Irwin Mitchell, is representing the couple. She said: “We have significant concerns about the apparent disregard for health and safety aboard the Island Escape reported by Cynthia and David.
“Thomson should be well aware of the long-term health risks that gastric illness can present, and it is totally unacceptable that Cynthia got so ill during her cruise, and that she continues to suffer.”

She continues: “I believe it is totally unacceptable that the same cruise ship continues to be the subject of passenger complaints for three years in a row.  When you go on holiday, particularly on a cruise, you expect good standards of health and hygiene. Thomson must ensure that all steps are taken to ensure the safety and satisfaction of future passengers and provide assurances that lessons have been learnt to prevent repeat occurrences.

“We will now work with Thomson so that Cynthia and David – as well as other clients who suffered aboard the ship in past years - get the answers they want and deserve, and to get them fair compensation.

“Over the years we have successfully represented hundreds of passengers who have fallen ill during cruises in different parts of the world. Most of them could have avoided the illness if steps to prevent the spread of illness had been taken by the cruise lines they travelled with.”