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Workplace Illness Specialist Welcomes Skin Cancer Warning

Campaign Launched To Spread Safety Message


A new campaign launched to warn employers and those working outdoors of the dangers of skin cancer has been welcomed by an industrial disease expert at Irwin Mitchell.

Constructing Better Health’s new awareness initiative is aimed around encouraging both businesses and their employees to recognise the dangers of skin cancer, with a prominent theme being that the disease has become a forgotten part of safety at work.

The organisation is working with manufacturer Polypipe and the Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity to promote and raise awareness of its campaign, which has been wholeheartedly welcomed by workplace illness experts at Irwin Mitchell.

Mark Allen, who specialises in claims related to serious illness caused by negligence in the workplace, said: “Workers in many industries, including most notably the construction sector, have to carry out projects outdoors and it is vital that they are fully aware of all potential risks.

“However, while the risk of skin cancer is one which is very different to putting the correct training and ensuring the availability of the right equipment, so we would urge employers to ensure they provide plenty of advice on the issue.

“Health and safety must always be a priority for businesses, but sadly we see cases where the negligence of employers has led workers to suffer injury and illness.

“This has got to change and we hope that this campaign will certainly go some way to spreading the right message when it comes to skin cancer and being protected from the dangers.”