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Will Expert Calls On Families Affected By Dementia To Consider Future

Specialist Backs Dementia Awareness Week


Families affected by the devastating impact of dementia have been urged by a Wills expert at Irwin Mitchell to consider all of their options when preparing for the future.

Dementia Awareness Week was recently held across the UK to highlight both the terrible consequences of the progressive condition, as well as the support that families affected often need.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, solicitor Chris Walton also suggested that the week should be a time for those whose loved ones are suffering from dementia or in the early stages of the disease to consider how they will approach the management of their estate in the future.

The expert in contesting wills, who often only encounters such issues when families are in dispute about an estate, told the newspaper: “Anyone who feels it is too late for their relatives to put measures in place in relation to their estate should not panic, as there still could be other options available for them to consider.

“In cases where an individual is unable to personally make a Will, the Court may be asked to intervene and direct the making of a Statutory Will. This means that the Court will actively seek to ensure the best interests and wishes of the individual are carried out.”

Chris added that a Lasting Power of Attorney could also be a vital tool for ensuring a person’s wishes are met.

He explained: “A Lasting Power of Attorney will enable a person of your choosing to deal with your affairs during your lifetime and a clear and concise Will, written with the help of a legal expert, will undoubtedly save loved ones much heartache in the future by minimising the need for them to pursue both costly and emotionally difficult claims.”

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