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Family Law Expert Reveals Reconciliation ‘Not Unusual’

Advice Offered On Legal Aspect Of Getting Back Together


A family law expert at Irwin Mitchell has revealed that, contrary to what many may believe, it is not so unusual to see divorced and separated couples get back together.

While divorce can often been a painful and difficult time for those involved, the general perception that it marks the definite end of a relationship is not always the case.

Many celebrities have highlighted this over the years, from the colourful love life of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor to the current ongoing reports about the relationship of Cheryl and Ashley Cole.

Alison Hawes, a Partner and family law specialist at Irwin Mitchell’s Bristol office, said such events should not be viewed as surprising, as there is plenty of evidence of couples even considering reconciliation when still in the process of divorcing.

She explained: “It really isn’t so unusual to see those who have suffered a relationship breakdown to do a U-turn. Sometimes seeing the stark reality of the life apart can mean a couple want to try again.

“Couples in such situations need to have clear provisions about the future and a solid legal and financial agreement could give them the best possible chance of success.

“A deed of reconciliation is designed to explain exactly what a couple intends to happen to any divorce proceedings when they decide to give married life another go. For example, this may see a person promise the other not to proceed to the final decree without giving three months’ notice and see assets in sole names shared fairly.

“There’s also the option of a mid-nup – a legal agreement which explains clearly how couples intend to manage their finances in light of deciding to work together to mend their relationships.”

Alison added that those who are looking to get back together following a divorce often face a different state of affairs entirely.

She outlined: “Put simply, unless they remarry, they will not have the same legal rights as a married couple in the event that they separate again.

“We would urge any couples – divorced or otherwise – who are considering their options to always seek expert advice to ensure their best interests are protected in the future.”