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Falling Window Case ‘Shows Devastating Impact Of Brain Injuries’

Child's Family Receive Funds For Long-Term Care


The case of a youngster who suffered serious brain injuries after a window fell onto his pushchair in London highlights the terrible long-term impact that such medical conditions can have on victims, according to a neurotrauma expert at Irwin Mitchell.

Alexander Dance, now five, was seriously injured when the window pane fell two storeys and struck the youngster outside the Dover Castle Youth Hostel in Borough in 2006. According to reports, the owners of the hostel were fined over the incident two years later.

The skull fracture and brain haemorrhage Alexander suffered in the incident mean that the youngster is expected to need long-term rehabilitation and care support for the rest of his life, and his family have received the first of several payments of funding which will help them move to a property more suited to his needs.

Irwin Mitchell represents a number of families whose loved ones have suffered serious brain injuries and now need around-the-clock care in order to get the most out of life.

Tracey Storey, a Partner and serious injury specialist at the firm’s London office, said: “Like so many of the cases we are involved in, this story highlights the devastating, life-changing impact that brain injuries have on both victims and their families.

“Our work often involves securing justice for those who have suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence of others, with a view to gaining funding which will help their families provide the best possible support to them in the future.

“It often takes a huge amount of time for families to readjust to ensure that they can meet the long-term care needs that the victims require and, as this case demonstrates, it often means moving to new accommodation or gaining access to services which will help them.

“The most vulnerable members of society need the best possible support and terrible cases like this show why this is so important.”