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Travel Law Expert Concerned Over TripAdvisor ‘Hotels From Hell’ Research

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Suki Chhokar, a travel law expert at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors has expressed his concerns over the list released by TripAdvisor, revealing the ten dirtiest hotels in Europe.

TripAdvisor have complied the list using feedback and ratings from their website, and it has revealed that accommodations in London, Netherlands and Turkey dominate the list.

Hotels in Turkey top the list, with Club Aqua Gumbet and Altin Orfe Hotel came first and second respectively, both of which are on the Aegean coast. Holiday makers staying at the sites described Club Aqua Gumbet as "hell on earth" and Altin Orfe Hotel "a health hazard hotel".

In London, The Cromwell Crown, Corbigoe Hotel, Park Hotel and Blair Victoria & Tudor Inn both got dishonourable mentions, and in Amsterdam Hotel de Lantaerne, Hotel Y Boulevard and Hotel Manofa featured in the top ten.

Irwin Mitchell has a wealth of experience in travel litigation and holiday illness claims, in England and abroad and has many clients who have suffered both injury and illness in hotels across Europe and the rest of the world.

Suki Chhokar of the firm’s International Travel Litigation team said: "The release of this research has raised serious concerns about each of the hotels named and it is vital that action is taken to address the alleged problems at each.

"Holidaymakers deserve the right to know that their welfare is going to be taken seriously by both the management of the accommodation and the tour operator involved in the booking process.

"We deal with so many cases in which the safety of people has been severely undermined by a lack of proper management in hotels. We particularly provide support to those who have fallen ill while staying in hotels due to a lack of necessary hygiene standards.

"The hotels named in this study need to view it as a wake-up call and take quick and thorough action to ensure that standards rise significantly over the coming months. Hoteliers have a duty to ensure the standards at the relevant hotels meet reasonable health and safety standards that are in place for a very good reason. If they cannot ensure holidaymakers safety at a particular hotel, they must stop taking on further clients.

"Time and time again we act for claimants who initially suffer illness on holiday and who go on to develop long term or even permanent health problems."