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South Yorkshire Police Increase Access To Tasers

Lawyer Calls For Focus On Training And Guidance


An expert at Irwin Mitchell has called for police authorities across the UK to ensure every officer given a taser has been provided with adequate training and guidance on their use.

South Yorkshire Police has become one of the latest forces to announce, in line with Home Office recommendations, that it is expanding availability of the devices to non-firearms officers.

The organisation also revealed that over 230 officers now carry a taser, while there have been 23 discharges and 76 ‘red-dotted’ incidents – which is when a warning is made prior to use.

Irwin Mitchell has long-held concerns over the standards of training given to officers who use tasers, after the firm represented a 34-year-old Leeds man who was shot twice with one after he fell into a diabetic coma.

Nicholas Gaubert was alone on the top deck of a bus when the incident took place and called on Irwin Mitchell for advice on legal action for unlawful arrest and unlawful use of excessive force.

Ifti Manzoor, who specialises in police-related claims for Irwin Mitchell, said: “Our experiences in the past have highlighted concerns over how and when police officers choose to make use of tasers.

“It is vital that, considering the increasingly wider rollout, every effort is made to ensure all officers are fully aware of their responsibilities as to when they should bring such devices into use.

“Police officers often have a difficult job to do, but it is vital that they act in the right manner to ensure no innocent parties suffer as a result of errors.”

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