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Review Calls For Better Coordination To Prevent Child Abuse

Agencies Urged To Improve Collaboration


A review into the murder of a 15-month-old boy must lead to significant changes in the way care agencies work together, an expert at Irwin Mitchell has urged.

Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board’s serious case review into the death of Charlie Hunt suggested that a better coordinated approach between agencies could play a vital role in identifying children in need.

Charlie Hunt died of brain injuries after his mother’s boyfriend, Darren Newton, repeatedly slapped his head when left alone with him.

According to the review, there was evidence of gaps in the sharing of information and planning details between care authorities which meant that the potential for harm was not recognised.

Gary Walker, a specialist at Irwin Mitchell who works with victims of child abuse, said: “This terrible case highlights just how alarming cases of abuse can be, leading in this instance to the shocking and tragic death of a young boy.

“Lessons have to be learnt from the case and the subsequent review which ensure that authorities work closer than ever before to guarantee that youngsters are given the vital support and protection they need.

“As this review highlights, such work could make a major difference and even save lives, so action needs to be taken now.”

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