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NICE Guidelines On Reducing Child Injuries Backed By Expert

Body Compiles Three New Documents


New guidance created by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to reduce the number of serious injuries suffered by children has been welcomed by a specialist at Irwin Mitchell.

Three pieces of complementary guidance have been compiled by NICE, which suggests that thousands of injuries suffered by youngsters could be prevented through the implementation of a number of simple measures.

Strategies to prevent injuries among under-15s, the provision of safety equipment to youngsters and information on the benefits of changes to road design are all covered in the new documents.

Jane Horton, a Leeds-based Partner at Irwin Mitchell with expertise in working with youngsters who have suffered serious injuries, said such guidance could make a major difference.

She explained: “We regularly provide advice to the family of young people who have been seriously injured in a range of incidents, most notably road collisions, and have seen first-hand the trauma that such events can cause to all involved.

“Information like this could play a vital role in helping local authorities and other organisations rethink the guidance they offer in relation to reducing the number of incidents involving children.

“Preventative measures can play a key role in ensuring that bodies learn from past cases and take steps towards ensuring no other children are hurt in serious incidents in the future.”