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‘Learn Lessons’ Mother Pleads After Devastating Death Of Baby

Medical Law Experts To Investigate Following Inquest


Lawyers representing a mother whose baby died just hours after he was born have called for lessons to be learnt from her loss to prevent future heartache and suffering.

During her pregnancy, Alice Malin, 32, and her partner John McMahon, 44, learnt that one of their baby’s kidneys was enlarged and the other undersized, but despite evident health issues staff failed to recall her for regular scans and failed to identify that his organs were not developing properly.

On January 23, 2010 the mother of three from Watford went into labour and was taken to Watford General Hospital where just minutes after arrival she was rushed into surgery for an emergency caesarean, amidst concerns the baby’s heartbeat had slowed dangerously.

Tragically, Johny Junior Malin-McMahon did not survive and died just hours later from starvation of oxygen to the brain. Today a Coroner at Hatfield Coroner’s Court recorded a verdict of death by natural causes.

But Alice and John believe more could have been done to save Johny, and have instructed medical law experts at Irwin Mitchell to help her further investigate the circumstances surrounding her sons death.

Peter Cutler from the firm said: “This has been an extremely difficult year for Mrs Malin, and her family, who have lost a child through very tragic circumstances.

“We welcome the Coroner’s inquiry and will now conduct our own investigation. We hope that by further looking into exactly what happened, and why, it is possible for lessons to be learnt, and future suffering prevented.”

Mrs Malin and Mr McMahon said: “nothing will ever bring back what we have lost, or make up for what we have been through. We only hope that by speaking out, and pushing this investigation to the limits we can help make sure no other family has to suffer the way we have.”