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Irwin Mitchell Concerned By Identical Eye Injury Claims

Law Firm Contacted By Two Patients


Medical lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have revealed they are deeply concerned after being contacted by two patients of a private clinic in London who have been left partially blinded following surgery at the site.

The national law firm has had two identical enquiries in the past fortnight related to the work carried out at the Accuvision Laser Eye Clinic on King’s Road, London.

In both incidents, which occurred on December 13th, the clients lost vision in one eye due to problems apparently linked with the type of antibiotics used, and the methods for administering them. The patients were being treated for a new lens implant and laser cornea refraction surgery respectively.

Medical law and patients rights specialists at Irwin Mitchell see the devastation that such avoidable medical errors can have on clients following a range of treatments and its team of experts have major concerns about other patients who may have suffered injury in this way.

Peter Cutler, a solicitor at the firm’s London office who is involved in these latest enquiries, said: "Having been contacted by two people affected by this issue, we have major concerns that other people have suffered from the same or similar complications"

“Eye surgery is undoubtedly a delicate process, with the organs being very susceptible to damage and in need of extra care. The statements from our clients suggest that very serious errors may have occurred during their treatment, potentially due to a mix-up in Cefuroxime and Gentamicin.

“Patient safety should always be a paramount concern for those involved in both public and private healthcare, so reports of problems need to be seriously investigated.

“We would also urge anyone else who may have faced difficulties - either at the same clinic or with eye surgery at other sites – to contact us as soon as possible, so that lessons can be learnt and further suffering prevented.”

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to medical negligence from a professional or have suffered an eye injury and need help understanding your rights, get in touch with Irwin Mitchell today for a private and confidential chat.