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Woman Injured In Maldives Thought She Was Going To Die

Travel Experts Urging Tour Operator To Accept Responsibility


Travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell have urged a tour operator to carry out an immediate investigation after a woman was electrocuted by faulty wiring at a hotel in the Maldives.

Amanda Llewellyn-Pace travelled to the Maldives with Mercury Direct in September 2010. While staying at the Adaaran Club Rannalhi she suffered two serious electric shocks and continues to feel pain as a result of the incident even now.

The incident took place when Mrs Llewellyn-Pace was returning to her accommodation after going snorkelling. To get back to her water bungalow she had to cross a walkway but, as she did so, she suffered two electric shocks which threw her backwards and caused pain in her neck and back and spasms in her legs.

Jenny Brooks, a specialist travel lawyer at Irwin Mitchell is representing Mrs Llewellyn-Pace. She said: “Needless to say Amanda has been traumatised by what happened during her holiday. She went to hospital following the incident and continued to receive medical treatment from her GP on her return home.

"It is now essential that an investigation is carried out, and lessons learnt, to ensure that no one is injured in the same way again."

Mrs Llewellyn-Pace said: "This was meant to be an idyllic holiday for my husband and me. Instead, we found ourselves staying in a hotel which we found disappointing in terms of the food, the standards and the attitude of some members of staff.

"But all that pales into insignificance when compared to what happened to me on that walkway. 

"As a direct result of exposed faulty wiring I suffered two shocks which nearly threw me into the water. The second one was more prolonged and I really thought I was going to die but, thankfully, Rhodri was there to help me. 

"To add insult to injury, we were then faced with an unhelpful hotel manager who said that I would have to pay if I wanted to see a doctor. 

"I had to really argue to get them to change their minds and the following day I was taken to the sister resort called Adaaran Vadoo Resort and I was admitted to hospital.

"I have to continue taking strong pain killers because of ongoing pain."

Other holidaymakers have posted poor reviews of the hotel on travel site TripAdvisor, with complaints about the attitude of hotel staff and the standard of food.

Jenny Brooks said: "Amanda and her husband should have returned from this holiday with wonderful memories of paradise, instead they have memories of pain and anguish and she faces on-going treatment.

"Holiday companies have a responsibility to ensure that the hotels they send their customers to are safe and that they comply with health and safety regulations, which are in place to protect their guests."

Travel experts at Irwin Mitchell are now urging the tour operator to accept responsibility for the incident and work with them to agree a compensation settlement.