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Two Injured In West London Gas Explosion

Expert Calls For Answers


An injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell has called on authorities to work quickly to determine the cause of a suspected gas explosion in west London which left two people injured.

People were evacuated from flats at Carlyle Road in South Ealing on Sunday morning (February 20th) after the blast, while two men in their 60s are being treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Police have suggested that a rupture in the gas main may have occurred and the road in question was closed for the majority of the day.

Asha Vekaria, who specialises in advising those with public liability claims, said it is clear more information is needed over what occurred.

She explained: “Gas explosions can have a devastating impact on many people’s lives, often causing injury and significant damage to property.

“It is clear that answers are needed as to how this suspected explosion came to pass, particularly as those affected will be keen to know they are no longer at risk of harm.

“I hope that lessons can be learnt from this blast and that any information gathered can effectively be used to ensure that further people do not suffer the same disruption or injuries like those seen in west London.”