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Road Collisions Expert Welcomes South Yorkshire Campaign

Initiative Focused On Seatbelts And Mobile Phones


A new campaign launched to encourage motorists and car passengers in South Yorkshire to always make use of their seatbelts has been welcomed by a road collisions expert at Irwin Mitchell.

The South Yorkshire Road Partnership’s new Save Yourself initiative is aimed at reinforcing the importance of wearing a seatbelt to anyone who travels in a vehicle, as well as calling for drivers to avoid the use of mobile phones while driving.

In addition to highlighting the illegality of failing to follow such advice, the campaign is based around statistics which demonstrate the potential safety risks of failing to do so.

Through its work providing support and advice to those who have been seriously injured in collisions on the road, Irwin Mitchell regularly sees the devastating impact that both not wearing a seatbelt and distractions can have on drivers.

Nicola Meese of the law firm’s Sheffield office said: “We represent a number of families who have lost loved ones due to the negligence or the failure of other road users to give driving their full attention.

“Any campaign which has been designed to address the issue of mobile phone use behind the wheel is a positive step towards reducing the number of collisions.

“The importance of wearing a seatbelt also cannot be underestimated and I hope the South Yorkshire Road Partnership’s initiative proves to be a major success in encouraging people to drive safely for the sake of themselves and others.”