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Rise In Fall From Height Fines ‘Hints At Growing Problem’

Expert Demands More Protection For Workers


A workplace injury expert at Irwin Mitchell has revealed his concerns as the number of employees being hurt in falls from height shows no sign of abating.

The past few weeks has seen the Health and Safety Executive highlight that firms from areas including Lancashire and South Yorkshire have been prosecuted and fined over incidents in which workers have not been protected from such dangers.

Issues raised in each of the cases include the failure of a firm to implement recommendations on safe working at height, a lack of training and problems with equipment including scaffolding anchor fixings.

David Urpeth, national head of accidents at work claims at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Falls from height are among the most common causes of injury in the workplace and often have life-changing, even fatal, consequences.

“The importance of guarding against such risks cannot be underestimated by any companies and health and safety must always be treated as a priority.

“Proper training, the availability of suitable protective equipment and the use of correct guidelines are all vital ways in which businesses can prevent their staff from being hurt in a work accident.

“I hope that lessons can be learnt from these recent cases and that firms will take a stand on ensuring that the number of people affected by such problems is reduced for good.”

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