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Lawyer Secures Justice For Carlisle Mesothelioma Sufferer’s Family

Industrial Disease Expert Welcomes Victory


An industrial disease lawyer has sealed a legal victory that will ensure financial security for the widow of a Carlisle man killed by an asbestos-related disease.

Robert Bell died in October 2007 aged 85 after he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma – he had worked from 1948 to 1963 as a panel shop worker at the Carlisle premises of the Pratchett Brothers Ltd. He was exposed to asbestos dust whilst cutting asbestos sheets, and working in rooms containing asbestos lagging.

Now Roger Maddocks, partner and industrial illness expert at Irwin Mitchell, in Newcastle has secured justice on behalf of Mr Bell’s widow, who lives in Carlisle.

The employer, Pratchett Brothers Ltd, recently consented to have a  judgement entered against it in the High Court and is now due to agree a settlement for its breaches of duty.

Roger Maddocks said: “Mr Bell endured a great deal of pain and suffering as a result of this terrible disease, which took him from his family incredibly quickly. He had previously been healthy and first noticed symptoms in the summer of 2007 – within a few short months he had sadly died.

“His employers were in breach of a number of duties of care to Mr Bell – even as long ago as the 1950s, there was an awareness of the dangers of asbestos and they ought to have done more to protect him.

“He was at no point given any protective equipment, masks or clothing and was expected to work in confined, dusty environments. It was this exposure to asbestos dust that eventually killed him, decades later.

“We are pleased to have secured justice for Mrs Bell but nothing we do can bring her husband back  and no amount of compensation could make up for her loss.”