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Kidney Error Award Demonstrates Long-Term Impact Of Problems

Expert Outlines Importance Of Funds


The devastating effect that medical errors can have on victims has been highlighted in a case where a man suffered kidney failure during an operation.

Damages of £6.74 million have been awarded to the 39-year-old – who is only identified as XYZ – after surgery for him to donate his right kidney to his father left him with problems in his other.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust admitted liability over the incident, which has shortened XYZ’s life by ten years and left him with major health problems that will continue for the rest of his life.

Ian Christian, a London-based medical law expert at Irwin Mitchell, said awards of such a high value are often vital if patients are to rebuild their lives following the problems they have faced.

He explained: “Funds of this kind, which will be received throughout XYZ’s life, will help him and his family to ensure he gets the best possible care and treatment in the aftermath of the problems he faced.

“In my experience, clinical negligence can often have a life-changing physical and emotional impact on victims and the scale of awards is often made to reflect the support that they will need in the future.

“Ultimately however, no amount of money is likely to compensate such people for the problems they have and will face. In addition, cases are often more about a need for answers and assurances that lessons will be learnt.”