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Firms ‘Must Not Take Fall From Height Risks’

Company Fined Over Safety Breaches


The prosecution of a construction firm over safety breaches which left workers at risk of falls from height should be a warning to other companies in the sector, Irwin Mitchell’s accident at work expert has stated.

Spanclad Construction Ltd of Edgbaston has been fined £15,000 and ordered to pay costs after a Health and Safety Executive inspection found that employees working on a skylight project in Worcester in 2009 were not given protection while working at height.

The inspector found that work at a height of over five metres on a fragile roof had been ongoing for at least three days without the use of guard rails or equipment including netting, landing bags or birdcage scaffolding.

David Urpeth, who specialises in helping victims of work accidents in their battles for justice, said: “While no one was hurt in this case, the failure of the company to put measures in place that would guarantee the safety of workers is very worrying.

“Work at height is a major category of serious and fatal injuries and as such, it is troubling that these failures have been identified.

“The need for protective equipment should never be underestimated in any construction project, particularly one in which there is the risk of falls from height.

“Hopefully the issues raised in this case will encourage businesses to think carefully about the safety of working at height and provide support which ensures people are able to return home safely after a day’s work.”