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Disproportionate Divorce Demands ‘Can Prove Costly’

Celebrity Case Brings Issue Into Spotlight


Couples in the process of separating have been urged by a family law expert at Irwin Mitchell to think carefully about the demands they make as part of the divorce.

Martin Loxley, head of national family law at the firm, has stated that those in the midst of bringing their marriage to an end could face costly delays in the process if their claims prove to be disproportionate to what they are entitled to.

The issue has been in the news recently following reports in The People that cage fighter Alex Reid is seeking £6 million in his divorce settlement with model Katie Price, although it is alleged she is planning to offer him £700,000.

Discussing the issue of divorce demands, Martin Loxley said proportionate claims are a very important part of agreeing a settlement during the process of divorce for all separating couples, not just those in the public eye.

He explained: “A failure to see eye-to-eye on such issues can have a massive impact on the outcome of the separation, causing not only acrimony but further delays and potentially more costs for both parties involved.

“Unfortunately, in my experience, the lodging of claims that are not fully reflective of a person’s entitlement is often a sign that someone is looking to add fuel to the fire in terms of the divorce dispute.

“Such a move generally does not go in a person’s favour in the courts and we would always urge couples to work amicably together – for the good of the rest of their family – to try and make the separation process run as smoothly as possible.”