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Devon Road Incident Figures ‘Highlight Speeding Concerns’

New Road Safety Figures Released


A road collision expert at Irwin Mitchell has called for major efforts to be made to reduce the number of serious incidents on roads in Devon.

New figures compiled by local police have revealed that the number of incidents in parts of Plymouth rose by around 60 per cent between April and December 2010 when compared to 12 months earlier, the BBC reports.

Officers in the area have revealed their disappointment in relation to the figures, with the rise apparently linked to the speed of motorists.

Jo Darlington, a serious injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell’s Bristol office who advises victims hurt in road traffic collisions, said: “Any rise in traffic incidents is a major concern, as it suggests that efforts to improve road safety are not proving to be effective.

“We hope that this research can become a starting point from which a concerted effort can be made to reduce the number of collisions and spread a strong safety message in the community.

“Road crashes can have a significant, life-changing impact on those who suffer injuries, so we hope that every effort can be made to ensure that lessons are learnt from this deeply concerning research.”