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Students Find Out More About A Career In Law

Innovative Firm Offers Youngsters Insight Into Life As A Solicitor


An innovative law firm is offering youngsters the chance to find out more about life as a modern day solicitor, when it brings its Careers Roadshow to schools in the Solihull area.

The Solihull Careers Roadshow, organised by Irwin Mitchell, is an opportunity for local youngsters to discover that there’s much more to a legal career than old-fashioned wigs and bundles of legal documents.

The solicitors recently gave a presentation at St Peter’s Catholic School and will visit the Career’s Convention at Alderbrook School in January.

Martin Cross, a teacher at St Peter’s Catholic School, said: “Year 11 and 12 students enjoyed an informative morning looking into the many different aspects of the law. Students listened intently about specialist cases and the consequences of negligence.  

“The open and welcoming approach allowed for many questions to be asked and misconceptions to be clarified.  The greatest benefit was demonstrating to students that anyone of them has the potential to be success in a law career and the different pathways available to them.”

Former Solihull School pupil Jatinder Paul, who was born and brought up in Birmingham and is now a trainee solicitor with Irwin Mitchell, said: “When I was at school I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, but I had no idea how varied and practical the job would be.

“A lot of people think of law as quite a dry and wordy profession, perhaps after seeing TV programmes such as Judge John Deed.

“In reality, it is very practical, and you get a real sense of the difference you are making to your client’s lives. In personal injury law, which I specialise in, we work with people who have had serious illnesses and accidents, and we try to make sure they get the practical support they need to improve their quality of life. That’s a very rewarding thing to do each day.

“I hope that through the Careers Roadshow we can inspire young people, and get them to think more carefully about whether a career in law would be a good match for their skills and potential.”

Any other schools who would like a visit from the Irwin Mitchell careers team can contact Jenna Harris on 0370 1500 100.