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Man Jailed After Undertaking Illegal Gas Safety Work

Two-Year Sentence For Dangerous Work


A man has been sentenced to two years in prison after claiming he was a registered gas engineer and carrying out work which was later found to be ‘immediately dangerous’ to his customers.

Stephen Jonathan was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive in relation to six offences regarding work at two homes in Accrington, where he had put residents at risk of death or serious injury.

In one case, the engineer installed a new boiler at a property in October 2010. However, another person sent to repair the system on a later date disconnected it immediately after classifying the installation as dangerous.

Mr Jonathan also installed central heating at a house in November and December 2010, but checks of home confirmed that work was also a danger to the homeowners.

David Urpeth, a Partner and specialist in public liability claims at Irwin Mitchell, said cases like this highlight that it is vital authorities ensure the credentials of all gas engineers, and that such individuals are subjected to regular checks.

He explained: “Homeowners put their faith in engineers who they invite into their homes to carry out work related to central heating and boilers.

“We would urge all employers to ensure that their staff are fully accredited to work on gas projects, while authorities also need to regularly examine the qualifications of those employed in the sector to ensure they meet the correct regulations.

“Lessons need to be learned from very worrying cases like this so as to ensure no further lives are put at risk.”